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About Us




It all started when Mark and I moved back to Enid after a stint on the West Coast. Glad to be back in Enid with family,

one thing we did miss was good Mexican food! And so, despite a lack of restaurant experience, we opened Maria Rae's.

After several years, we decided to sell the restaurant so we could be more available for our children's activities.

The new owners tried their best but were unable to carry on the legacy.

After a few years and many repeated requests for Maria Rae's salsa, we brought back the recipes without reopening

the restaurant. We chose instead to bottle and sell the salsa. Every day I'd load up my car with as much salsa as I could carry

and go to grocery stores to sell our salsas.

Enid has been such an amazing place to start because the community has been very supportive and very loyal; they like it

and they buy it! Now, Maria Rae's has expanded to grocery stores throughout Oklahoma, and gifts shops in the

region carry it as a local favorite!

Today, we offer three salsa, tortilla chips imported from Canada and three different seasoning packets, and to our

joy Maria Rae's continues to be a success.