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Legend of Dip This


Hello, good day!

I’m Maria Rae’s Dip This!

I’m the finest flavor of seasoning mix

that makes for dipping bliss!

Blend me in with sour cream,

we make the perfect pair…

With Maria Rae‘s tortilla chips I’m a snack you won’t want to share!



Ivo the wanderer had come over the waves, down the Mississippi, up the Oregon Trail and across the Great Divide. He stood on Maria Rae's back porch in need of a meal and a long hot bath. Pauline, a cute little French number, surveyed the Dutchman from head to foot and told him to take his time with the soap. Using a cottonwood branch, she fished his clothes into a vat and boiled the crickets out. A picky eater, Ivo sniffed around the table until Pauline grabbed him by the britches, sat him down on the end, put a bowl in his hands and said simply; "dip this." His wandering days were over!