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Legend of Holey Guacamole


They call me Holey Guacamole,

The legend tells it right..

Add me to your avocado for

fresh flavor day or night!

Say “Adios” to average guac,

And “Gracias” to Maria Rae

for tasty dip around the clock...

A snack that’s here to stay!

 Indian Summer on the Oklahoma Prairie is a God send indeed. Pastel colors fill the open skies and days seem just right for taking it easy. Thus inspired, Maria Rae planned a special treat for the patrons of her now famous eatery ... a phenomenal fusion of avocados and spices!

It was love at first dip. The rush was on! Soon bags of Maria Rae’s Corn Tortilla Chips were flying off the shelves and being recklessly plunged into the green gold!

Her precious horde of fresh avocados was vanishing fast. Cecil laid rights to the last bowl of dip, Rex claimed it was his. Beulah Faye threw the first punch (fruit, I think it was) and the fight was on! Fists flew ... feelings were hurt ... then someone fired a shot. Right through the bowl it went!

A stunned silence settled over the angry mob. The good Reverend Billy stood and offered words of reconciliations. Heads bowed, tears fell, and the last bowl of the now “Holey Guacamole!” was passed around.

May saner heads prevail when you serve this “Holey Guacamole!”