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The Legend of Spunky Spuds





I am Spunky Spud,

and I put taters to the test!

My savory mix of seasoning gives

potatoes zing and zest!

Sprinkle me on yours for a kick that beats the rest!

Now YOU can serve potatoes that truly are the best!


He was feeling kinda frisky

         Humming a playful tune,
Darren’s foot got to tapping

Then Tony grabbed two spoons.
Kelly fetched the washboard
          Chuck blew on the jug,
Kenneth and Virginia
          Commenced to cut a rug!
Tables moved, chairs did too

          The hoedown had begun,
But Tanya spun Lil Dave too hard
          Though all in fun.
He landed in the frying pan
          Jumped up and kicked a can,
Spices flew ... taters too
          Tanya turned and ran!

Maria Rae grabbed poor Lil Dave
          smeared lard on his behind,
And cooked him up a plate of spuds
          To alleviate his mind.
A smile took a hold of Lil Dave
          And his woes began to dim,
Those Spunky Spuds had done the trick
          His troubles were now behind him!